Strategy & Planning 

  • Business Entry

  • India Entry and Partnerships

  • Growth and Diversification

  • Industry Studies – Benchmarking Trends etc .


Mergers & Acquisitions/JVs

  • Partner Search

  • Due Diligence

  • Investment Evaluation

  • Partnership Structure



  • Skill Enhancement

  • Soft Skills

  • Managerial Development


Performance Improvement

Leveraging techno-managerial expertise for overall performance enhancement of client’s manufacturing facility; focus on development and implementation of result-oriented strategy


Start-up Assistance

Starting up apparel manufacturing businesses and plants, leveraging operations and industry expertise to ‘commission’ the ‘concept’ on a turnkey basis


Skill Development

Leveraging technical expertise for setting up operator training centers based on scientific methodology

Technopak's expert team of consultants assists you in formulating market-driven and consumer-friendly strategies to boost your business prospects. We follow an unparalleled approach that involves studying consumer insights and focuses on concrete business outcomes that lead to total customer satisfaction. 

key service areas


  • Strategy and Planning: Every organization is required to define its strategy and execute effective allocation of such resources as capital and manpower

  • Business Entry: We assist you with evaluating new business areas and identifying potential partners, and in executing due diligence. Whether you are looking at starting a new venture or are interested in mergers, we assist with licensing, franchise agreements, sourcing agreements, joint ventures, etc.

  • India Entry and Partnerships: If you are interested in entering the Indian market or building partnerships with Indian organizations, our expert analysis of the Indian business environment and the prediction of future market trends will help you build a healthy business 

  • Growth and Diversification: We help you grow and diversify your business, both in India and overseas, by improving sales and optimizing performance


Planning and Design of Factories

  • Selecting Technology

  • Designing Production Systems

  • Planning Factory Layouts

Selection and Pre-training of Middle Management

  • Defining Organizational Structure

  • Assisting in RecruitmentA

  • Training Middle Management


  • Engineering Operations and Systems

  • Implementing AAMT* and Building up Efficiencies

  • Implementing Production and Quality Procedures

  • Continuously Improving Methodology based on Lean Six Sigma principles


  • Auditing Implemented Systems

  • Ensuring Efficiency Build-up

  • Assisting in Troubleshooting and Support


  • Partner Search: We assist you in recognizing potential partners through our excellent research capabilities. We strive to understand the need-gap in your organization and help you fill those gaps by finding the most fitting partner

  • Due Diligence: We help you evaluate prospective business partners for successful acquisition by reviewing their industrial as well as commercial competency. Our planning aims to reflect the strategy and performance objectives of both parties

  • Investment Evaluation: You are advised with financial valuations of your business enterprises and assets, and also with the evaluation of potential partners. Our vigilant team ensures that your investment is neither undervalued nor overestimated 

  • Partnership structure: Through our expertise you are facilitated in designing the partnership structure for your ventures. Our team has extensive experience in different kinds of partnership processes and, for each process, we work out a clear and disciplined approach supporting you from the beginning till the end of the transaction


Innovative solutions that help organizations streamline their processes enabling smooth functioning across various departments. Our innovative process solutions help transform the average factory by:


  • Reducing Lead Times

  • Improving Communications

  • Establishing Business Targets

  • Improving Planning Processes

  • Improving Order Fulfilment Efficiencies

  • Establishing Performance Monitoring Tools

public private partnerships

To sustain economic growth and tackle the financial crisis, private companies partner with government organizations. At Technopak, we understand the key issues that surround public private partnerships and offer services relevant to:

  • Mega Clusters

  • Skill Development

  • Textiles Parks


Knowledge sharing and certification courses to stay ahead in Apparel manufacturing, including :


  • Certification courses

  • Knowledge sharing courses

  • Refresher courses

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