At Technopak, we provide tailored solutions that are relevant to your organization, help you in transforming your business and accelerating its growth. Our team of consultants assists, guides, and stimulates you to move forward and make a mark in the Agriculture and Packaged Foods sector.



Agriculture Production

Horticulture – F&V, Spices, Floriculture

Allied - Dairy Farms, Poultry Farms, Fish Farms

Contract Farming and Corporate Farming

Food Parks


Juice, Pulp, Concentrate Processing

Packaged Food Processing

Frozen Food Processing

Bakery and Confectionary

Fish, Poultry, and Meat Processing

Alcoholic Beverages


Cold Chain Solutions

Information Technology

Logistics Companies

Products/Services Suppliers

Warehouse Companies


Private equity companies

Indian Government

Development Bodies

Public sector Undertakings

Technopak's expert team of consultants assists you in formulating market-driven and consumer-friendly strategies to boost your business prospects. We follow an unparalleled approach that involves studying consumer insights and focuses on concrete business outcomes that lead to total customer satisfaction. 

key service areas


Opportunity Assessment

  • Analyzing industry developments and medium-to-long term relevant business growth opportunities

  • Conducting feasibility studies and preparing detailed project reports

  • Exploring carefully the set of future scenarios


India Entry Strategy/Market Entry Strategy

  • Developing a comprehensive business  strategy

  • Selecting technology in line with product mix

  • Devising entry strategy including target segment, product, market, price, channel mix, service mix positioning, operating model assistance, etc.

  • Preparing roadmap for entering specific industry sector

Competitive Assessment

  • Conducting a detailed competition mapping in the area of interest such as positioning,
    product offering and price, performance and turnover, expansion plan, etc.


Business Plan Development

  • Estimating revenue potential, investments and/or expenses, and returns expected

Business Expansion Planning

  •  Evaluating expansion opportunities

  • Devising workable business plans

  • Generating business scenarios and planning finances



Feasibility Studies and Business Planning

  •  Conducting feasibility studies

  • Developing business plans


Technology/Machinery Selection

  • Mandating technical specifications

  • Assisting in vendor selection and coordination

Product Selection and Development

  • Managing bid processes

  • Testing and improving products

Implementation Support

  • Performing pre-design activities

  • Providing project management consultancy



Supply Chain Strategy

  • Designing and optimizing supply networks

  • Performing strategic sourcing and collaborative planning

  • Outlining procurement strategies

Inventory, Warehouse, and Logistics

  • Facilitating DC design and implementation

  • Performing WMS/TMS selection and configuration support

  • Creating replenishment strategy and inventory policy

  • Managing customer orders

  • Planning routes and optimizing transport

  • Creating and Implementing logistics outsourcing strategy

Process Re-engineering

  • Ascertaining performance improvement and cost rationalization

  •  Establishing and benchmarking KPIs


​Industry/Sector-Specific Studies

  • Creating feasibility studies/sector report cards

  •  Understanding the macro and micro trends

  •  Marrying trends with the company's DNA and developing contours of new business concepts

Define Processing Mix or Crop Mix

  • Identifying target marketsI       

  • Defining production mix based on raw materials, production infrastructure, and market demand

Marketing and Procurement Planning

  • Identifying catchment areas

  • Developing supply chains

  • Devising marketing and promotional plans

Equipment, Machinery, and Infrastructure Planning

  • Assessing infrastructure requirements

  • Identifying right mix of technology and equipment

Land Use Planning

  • Selecting land and conducting soil survyY

  • Planning land use

  • Creating project layout and architectural designs

Develop Detailed Business Plans

  • Estimating revenue potential, investments and/or expenses, and returns expected

  • Conceptualize Business Ideas



Revitalize Business Positioning

  • Identifying and building consensus on the strengths and weaknesses identified across business attributes

  • Refocusing the brand's message along strengths

Evaluate Product, Price, Market, and Location Strategy

  • ​Defining the changes required in the overall business

  • Suggesting ways to improve processes

  • Re-examining and fine-tuning the format and location strategy​

Address Opportunities for Improvement

  • Defining a new marketing plan

  • Crafting a customer relationship management program

  • Improving inventory management

  • Ensuring waste management and cost reduction

  • Reworking replenishment programs

  • Managing procurement and vendors

  •  Managing supply chain and logistics

  • Evaluating employee compensation and benefits

  • Designing training manuals and undertaking training sessions

  •  Conducting revenue enhancement activities

  •  Optimizing costs, processes, and operations