At Technopak, we provide tailored solutions that are relevant to your organization, help you in transforming your business and accelerating its growth. Our team of consultants assists, guides, and stimulates you to move forward and make a mark in the Food Services sector.



Cafe, Bakery & Dessert

Casual and Fast Casual 

Fine Dining 

Quick Service Restaurants

Pubs, Bars & Lounges

Cloud Kitchens


Flavours and Fragrances


Equipment Manufacturers

Third party tie-ups

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Information Technology


Private equity companies

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Real estate players

Indian Government

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Technopak's expert team of consultants assists you in formulating market-driven and consumer-friendly strategies to boost your business prospects. We follow an unparalleled approach that involves studying consumer insights and focuses on concrete business outcomes that lead to total customer satisfaction. 

key service areas


Opportunity Assessment

  • Based on the company's mission, analyzing medium-to-long term relevant trends

  • Exploring carefully the set of future scenarios


Identify Profitable Growth Opportunities

  • Shortlisting profitable growth opportunities based on assessments

  • Evaluate Competitive Market Positions


Performing detailed competition mapping in the area of interest, including:

  • Positioning

  • Offering – Product and Price

  • Performance

  • Presence and Expansion Plans


Predict and Plan for Growth

  • Defining target segment

  •  Positioning product, price and service mix

  • Defining format(s)

  • Creating roll-out strategy


Prepare Well-informed Business Plans

  • Estimating revenue potential, investments, and/or expenses

  • Projecting expected returns


Operating Model Assistance

  • Developing own ventures

  • Facilitating joint ventures

  •  Identifying master/regional franchisees


Manage Project Schedule

  • Scheduling all planned project activities

  • Planning resources for each activity


Defining areas of shared responsibilities between the company, third party, and Technopak

  • Coordinate all key activities e.g. branding, IT systems, supply chain, and organizational structure

  • Develop Operations and Training Modules


Complete Project Management

  • Preparing architectural design

  • Developing the menu and costing

  • Fitting-out management

  • Undertaking other coordination activities


Conceptualize Ideas

  • Understanding macro and micro trendsMarrying trends with company's DNA and developing the contours of a new concept

  • Market and Consumer Feasibility Study

  • Validating the concept developed by conducting detailed market and consumer research

  • Testing concepts with consumers

Define Consumer Profile

  • Identifying the target segment

  •  Defining the psychographics of the defined target segment

Develop Menu and Price Offerings

  • Evolving product and price mix conforming to the positioning of the concept

  • Projecting detailed menu costing of each product

Project Growth Plan

  • Defining organizational structure

  • Defining format(s)

  • Outlining roll-out strategy

Develop Detailed Business Plan

  • Estimating revenue potential, investments, and/or expenses

  • Projecting returns expected

Operating Model Assistance

  • Launching own ventures

  • Facilitating with joint ventures

  • Connecting with master/regional franchisees


Identify International Brands/Concepts

  • Understanding brand/ concept in its entirety with respect to target segment, menu, price, and positioning

Understand performance

  •  Understanding the brand's presence and performance in international market

  • Benchmarking with similar concepts in the market

Business Strategy for the Local Market

  • Defining business strategy for the local market

  • Suggesting changes in menu, price, and positioning
  • Defining formats and service mixes relevant to the local market
  • Defining operating model

Financial Planning


    Assisting in developing India-specific business/financial plans

  • Assisting in developing brand term sheets/financials


Identify & Shortlist Prospective Partner       

  • Creating a list of prospective partners

  • Based on brand's DNA and requirements, shortlisting a prospective partner


Schedule Meetings

  •  Coordinating the organizing/scheduling of meetings between brands and prospective partners

  • Performing a pivotal role in discussions


Signing of MoU & Partner Selection


Identify Concept Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Identifying and building consensus on the strengths and weaknesses identified across concept attributes


Revitalize Concept Positioning

  • Refocusing the brand's message on strengths

Evaluate Menu, Price, Format, and Location Strategy

  • Defining changes required in the overall concept       

  • Suggesting ways to improve processes       

  • Re-examining and fine-tuning the format and location strategy

Develop Plans to Reach New Consumer Groups

  • Defining marketing plans

  • Preparing customer relationship management programs

Improve Inventory Management

  • Suggesting ways to eliminate material wastage and reduce costs

  • Reworking replenishment programs

  • Refining procurement and vendor management

  • Optimizing supply chain and logistics management

Evaluate and Rework Restaurant Employee Practices

  • Planning compensations and benefits

  • Designing training manual and undertaking training sessions

  • Creating grievance redressal mechanisms

Establish and Conduct Restaurant Audit