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Technopak has been at the forefront of assisting companies with transformational agriculture business ideas. India has been an agrarian nation. However, it has a vast untapped potential as far as leveraging modern farm practices is concerned. The opportunity to harness technology to scale and modernize businesses is an unchartered territory. Technopak, with its up-to-date operational capabilities, stands in a good stead to disseminate agriculture business ideas. The company operates in all areas involving farm to fork supply chain and that include near farm Infrastructure, storage & logistics, food & grocery distribution & retail, market linkages and agri-tech within segments, we work with agri crops, horticulture, poultry, dairy and fishery.

Technopak believes that providing agriculture business ideas to enterprises goes beyond concerns of profit and loss. A sector most vital to the health of the nation is agriculture. It is like the backbone of the economy as much for the economics involved as for the fact that it fuels and feeds the nation.


So the farm industry is thought to be the major sector for any country. This is most true for a country like India which is known as an agrarian nation because farming is the cornerstone of the Indian economy.


The significance of agriculture in India:

More than 60% to 70% of the Indian populace is reliant on farming and its allied sectors for their incomes

The agricultural sector creates jobs to more than 52% of total workforce of the nation

The share of agriculture output to India’s gross GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ranges from 14% to 15%.

Hence, it is but obvious that agriculture be deemed a resounding business sector in India.


Also recognized in industry circles as Agribusiness, this segment includes agriculture, production, marketing and management of farm products such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and livestock. Taking a larger view, an agribusiness also comrpises resource management, conservation, ranching and selling of agricultural produce.


Agribusiness has witnessed a massive overhaul in the past few years. And this has necessitated new and emerging owners to seek agriculture business ideas. Competition and rapidly evolving trends have added to the need for seeking proper business counsel in agriculture.


With the ubiquitous upsurge of e-commerce and doorstep delivery, department stores have generated a chance for agriculture buffs to begin their own fields with the aid of farming experts

The rapidly rising population has upped the demand for food production

Start ups have emerged with the new concept of growing organic produce in terraces and balconies of homes

The growing knowledge and popularity of quality organic agriculture produce that markets at high value in the market.

The agriculture business can be primarily classified into three main sectors as given below:

Production resources, which comprise seed, feed, fertilizer, energy, equipment, machinery and the likes

Agricultural commodities like raw or processed items of food and fibre

Ancillary services like insurance, marketing, credit, processing, storage, packaging, transportation, etc.

However, just like any other business, starting an agricultural business also needs orderly planning and strategising for accomplishing agriculture business imperatives and growth ideas

Agribusiness ideas from Technopak in a systematic, step by step guide


Step1 – From the agriculture business ideas enlisted below, select the one resonating with you the most


Farm pesticide Production

Organic gardening

Field crop agriculture

Urban farming, implying practicing farming in urban areas and its surrounding regions.

Production of Herb, fruit or vegetables

Fertiliser Distribution

Dairy farming

Poultry farming


Step 2 – Procure the selected agriculture land’s proof of ownership or lease agreement. Obtain a field map which comprises farm boundaries and watering points.


Step 3 – Assess, evaluate, research and identify the latent markets and requisites to cater to.


Step 4 – Consider your expertise, speciality, ability, knowledge and approach to professional assistance before finalising the entity for your business plan.


Step 5 – Compute the short term as well as long term economic capability, feasibility and future scope of the chosen commodities and source information likewise.


Step 6 – Upon zeroing in on the commodities, to find resources that need to be procured to produce your selected commodities.


Step 7 – Upon finalisation the agribusiness sector of your choice, you will have to get your enterprise notified with its chosen operational name.


Step 8 – Undoubtedly, the most crucial step in commissioning any new enterprise is organizing the required fuds from a reliable source to ensure hassle free operations of the business


The importance of farm loans in the larger scheme of Agriculture Business Ideas in the Indian farm sector:

Simply put, an agribusiness loan is a credit facility that can be utilized as working capital for activities associated with agriculture such as farming and cultivation. Farm loans in India are generally low interest loans that cultivators can avail. The repayment schedule of a farm loan varies at every credit authority. The loan can be paid back in monthly, half yearly or yearly installments.


Some use cases of Agribusiness loans:

Buying farming and irrigation apparatus

Purchasing cattle and livestock

Buying land for farm activities

Storage and warehousing expenses

Marketing costs

Transportation expenses

Running day to day operations




Assisting companies assess the market opportunity and develop an Agri/Agri input business strategy

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Market entry strategy

  • Competitive Assessment

  • Crop mix, rotation

  • Market linkages and alliances

  • Business Plan Development

  • Business Expansion Plan


Working with companies, investors and Indian Government on implementing food processing manufacturing

  • Feasibility studies and business planning

  • Technology/Machinery selection

  • Product selection and development

  • Empanelled with MoFPI for Project management for Food Parks

  • Construction management support


Navigate the digital landscape to appreciate its relevance for companies’ businesses and operations and to matchmake appropriate digital solutions that serve their purpose.

  • Contextualize digital transformation journey

  • Technology option evaluations across the value chain

  • Technology vendor partnerships

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