Technopak’s Textiles & Apparel Compendium 2021 is an overview of the global and Indian developments in the space with a special focus on the domestic scenario. The compendium offers data-led insights on the global and Indian Textiles & Apparel industry – key trends, developments and forecasts.


The key points included in the compilation include:


* Industry-centric pioneering research delving into Indian Textiles & Apparel space besides an exploration into the changing apparel retail matrix

* Key trade growth trends and country profiles in the pre and post-Covid era studied through statistics

* Global shifts in the industry trade, machinery, manufacturing and retail domains

* Product-wise trade scenario and segment-wise market projections

* Rapidly evolving ex-im trends, forecasts & key insights across two decades spanning 2010 – 2030


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India ranks second among the exporters of textiles and clothing. Enhanced footprint of organised retail, conducive population breakdown and appreciating income level are certain to propel need and demand for textiles. Cloth production was pegged at 63.34 billion square meters in FY20 (till January 2020).

Textiles and Apparel Compendium


A statistic driven insight offering a bird’s-eye view of the Indian and global Textiles & Apparel landscape. With a special focus on Indian industry, the offering investigates the changing domestic industry dynamics besides global ones. It goes on to cover global developments in the space spanning the last 10 years, and factors thereof, in the Textiles & Apparel space. The compilation studies the trajectory of Textiles & Apparel trade in the pre-pandemic and pandemic era while spelling out the forecast for the post-pandemic times

The Indian and global Textile and Apparel industry has been undergoing rapid transformation. While global insights and data is readily available, the Indian scene is hardly captured. This compendium from Technopak plugs this gap by encapsulating the Indian Textile and Apparel story in numbers. Through easy to digest data analysis, it outlines factors influencing Indian Textile and Apparel ecosystem including labour costs, rapid digitization, seismic changes in technological innovation, duty and tax compliance burden, Inflationary headwinds, burgeoning raw material prices and the biggest disruptor – Covid pandemic. The industry has coped in these times only to throw a gamut of trends, emergence of a radically new Textile and Apparel mix.


This exclusive India-centric compendium takes an aerial view of

  • The global economy from the Textile and Apparel standpoint
  • The ins and outs of the dynamic Indian Textile and Apparel scene
  • Profiles of nations with a booming or busting textile trade 
  • Repercussions of the new found ESG narrative
  • Changing apparel market share  
  • Country-wise machinery scenario
  • Tech-innovation driven paradigm changes
  • Modifications in pecking order of textile importing and exporting nations

The collation also compares global trends thrown up by the pandemic with a numbers-driven dive into Indian performance on those counts. Besides, it employs data to investigate the flux currently underway in the Indian (domestic) apparel retail industry in product-wise and segment-wise terms.


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