Management Consulting Demystified: 7 Fundamentals to Know in 2023

Before hiring a management consultant, it is essential for you to understand what do top management consulting firms in India and abroad do.

It is also essential to know whether you need to hire one. This article will help you gain a deeper insight into the functioning of and how management consultants work.

Management consulting in India is a rapidly expanding and dynamic industry. It has numerous internationally renowned firms offering various services to clients in multiple industries.

Consulting firms aid clients in resolving their business issues, enhancing their performance, and achieving their objectives. They tailor their expertise, insights, and solutions to each client’s unique requirements and difficulties.

A report by Statista indicated that management consulting is the largest consulting industry, dealing with strategy, organization, and operations. In 2021, the industry was valued at 900 billion U.S. worldwide. Based on the same report, the market is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1%.

Management consulting is the largest consulting industry
Figure: Statista

In this article, we will examine the basic outline of the management consulting industry, focusing on the following:

PURPOSE: What do management consulting firms do?

OUTPUT: What content output/collaterals are generated by management consulting firms?

AREAS OF OPERATION: Which industries do management consulting firms serve?

MAX UTILITY: Which industries utilize management consulting services the most?

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: What prerequisites are necessary to join a management consulting firm?


Management consulting firms provide various services depending on their client’s requirements and goals. The following are prevalent services offered by management consulting firms:

1) Strategy consulting – Entails assisting clients in defining and implementing their vision, mission, objectives, and strategies.

Strategy consultants assist clients in the following:

· Analyzing their external and internal environments, project management

· Identifying their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, 

· Developing and implementing action plans to achieve competitive advantage and growth

2) Operational consulting – Entails assisting clients in:

· Optimizing their processes, systems, resources, and capabilities to increase efficiency, efficacy, and profits.

· Streamlining their operations,

· Reducing expenses,

· Boosting quality and productivity,

· Innovating their products and services.

3) Technology consulting – Entails assisting clients in:

· Transforming their business models, processes, systems, and capabilities using technology.

· Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data analytics, internet security, digital marketing, and e-commerce. These are some of the examples of the technology solutions that technology consultants help clients select, implement, and administer.

4) Organizational consulting – Entails assisting clients in:

· Enhancing organizational structure, culture, leadership, talent, and performance.

· Organizational consultants assist clients in designing and implementing organizational changes,

· Helping firms in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, culture change, talent development, performance management, and change management.

5) Financial advisory services – Entail assisting clients with various financial aspects of their business, including:

· Valuation, due diligence, deal procurement and execution, funding raising, risk management, financial modeling, taxation, accounting, and auditing.

· Making informed financial decisions,

· Optimizing capital structure, maximizing returns, adhering to regulations, and improving financial performance


Management consulting firms’ content output or collaterals are typically documents containing their expert analysis, recommendations, and advice for their clients. Common categories of content output and collaterals generated by management consulting firms include the following:


Consulting reports present the project’s findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Typical consulting reports include an executive summary, introduction, problem statement, methodology, data analysis, solution proposal, implementation plan, and conclusion. Consulting reports convey to clients and other stakeholders the value and impact of the consulting services. For instance, a consulting report analyzing a company’s main competitors.

  Eg – Technopak’s T&A Compendium

Technopak Compendium


Consulting proposals define the project’s scope, objectives, methodology, deliverables, schedule, and budget. Consulting proposals are used to pitch the consulting firm’s services to prospective clients.

They help persuade them to employ the firm—for instance, a proposal for green energy transformation consulting for a retail business. In this context, EcoEnergy Insights is Technopak‘s partner in helping businesses chart a sustainable and green energy growth trajectory. 

These documents highlight a consulting assignment’s most essential points and insights. Consulting presentations present consulting results and recommendations to clients and audiences engagingly and through easy to understand content. For instance, a consulting presentation on the market analysis and formulation of a business strategy for a culinary service company.


Case studies in consulting highlight the successes and best practices of previous or ongoing consulting initiatives. Case studies in consulting are used to demonstrate the firm’s expertise and experience and to attract new clients and projects. For instance, a consulting case study on a manufacturing company’s operational enhancement and performance improvement.


Consulting white papers provide in-depth information and analysis on a particular consulting domain, industry issue, or topic. Consulting white papers establish the firm’s thought leadership and credibility. They educate and inform clients and other audiences about the most recent industry trends, challenges, opportunities, and solutions. A consulting white paper on the future of management consulting in India, for instance.

Take a look at Technopak’s White Paper on D2C as an example

Technopak D2C whitepaper


Various industries worldwide utilize management consulting services based on their requirements and objectives. However, some industries are more likely to employ management consulting services. This may be due to their scale, complexity, competitive intensity, dynamism, and growth potential.

Big firms and small Firms hire management consultants for the following services offered:

· Strategy formulation, market analysis, consumer insights,

· Product development, branding, distribution, pricing, promotion,

· Customer experience, loyalty, digital transformation, innovation management,

· Performance improvement, cost reduction, and risk mitigation.

Each industry may require a unique service out of the ones mentioned above.

Among the industries that utilize management consulting services the most are: 


One of the most dynamic and competitive industries in the world. The complexity is added by constantly changing consumer preferences, market trends, technological disruptions, and regulatory environments.

In addition, the retail industry confronts numerous challenges and opportunities, such as:

· Omnichannel integration,

· Customer experience,

· Loyalty,

· Pricing, promotion, merchandising & inventory management,

· Supply chain optimization,

· Store operations, and digital transformation, among others.

Consequently, the retail industry requires the assistance of management consulting firms in a variety of areas, including:

· Strategy formulation,

· Market analysis,

· Consumer insights,

· Product development, branding, distribution & innovation management,

· Performance enhancement, cost reduction, and risk mitigation, among others.

Consulting firms can assist retail businesses in achieving competitive advantage and growth by providing customized expertise, insights, and solutions.

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The textiles and apparel industry is one of the world’s oldest and largest and substantially impacts the economy, society, and environment. The textiles and apparel industry also confronts various challenges and opportunities. This includes global competition, fast fashion, sustainability, quality, compliance, innovation, research, development, etc.

Therefore, the textiles and apparel industry requires the assistance of management consulting firms in a variety of areas, including:

· Business planning,

· Factory start-up,

· Performance improvement,

· Skill development,

· Strategy formulation,

· Market analysis, product development, branding, distribution, pricing, promotion,

· Customer experience, loyalty, digital transformation, supply chain optimization,

· Inventory management, merchandising, and store operations, among others.

Management consulting firms can assist textiles and apparel businesses to achieve operational efficiency and profitability by delivering concept-to-commissioning solutions.

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The technology industry is one of the most innovative and dynamic in the world. It is characterized by rapid changes and disruptions occurring in various domains. The latter include software, hardware, the internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

Additionally, the technology industry substantially impacts other industries because it enables them to transform their business models, processes, systems, and capabilities.


The financial services industry is one of the most complex and regulated in the world. The industry includes numerous segments and subsegments, including banking, insurance, asset management, capital markets, fintech, etc.

Additionally, the financial services industry confronts several challenges and opportunities. This includes shifting customer expectations, intensifying competition, digital disruption, cybersecurity threats, and regulatory compliance.


The food services industry is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing in the world. It includes numerous segments and sub-segments, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, taverns, catering, food delivery, etc.

Additionally, the food services industry confronts several obstacles and opportunities. These include shifting consumer preferences, health, and wellness trends, food safety and hygiene standards, regulatory compliance, technological innovation, competition, etc.

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Management consultancy for packaged foods firms is a service that helps them improve their performance, profitability, and competitiveness. This is essential in the fast-changing and highly competitive packaged foods industry.

Management consultants can also help packaged foods firms navigate the disruptive trends and technologies shaping the industry. These include changing consumer preferences, health and wellness trends, sustainability issues, regulatory compliance, technological innovation, competition, etc.

Management consultants can provide packaged foods firms with expertise, insights, and solutions tailored to their needs and objectives. 

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The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest-growing and most-evolving industries in the world. It is constituted by a number segments and subsegments. The latter include online retailing, online marketplaces, online services, online media, etc.

Additionally, the e-commerce industry confronts numerous challenges and opportunities. These range from global competition, customer expectations, digital disruption, and cybersecurity threats to regulatory compliance. 

Consulting firms can assist e-commerce businesses in achieving competitive advantage and growth by providing customized expertise, insights, and solutions.

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The sustainability industry is among the fastest emerging and influential industries. It is comprised of numerous segments and subsegments. The latter include renewable energy, ecological products, circular economy, waste management, carbon footprint, social impact, etc.

A few recent challenges and opportunities faced by the sustainability industry include those pertaining to environmental issues, social issues, economic issues, technological innovation, stakeholder expectations, regulatory compliance, etc.

Consulting firms can assist sustainability businesses in achieving positive outcomes for the planet, the people, and the bottom line. This is done by providing expertise, insights, and custom-tailored solutions.

Here’s an overview of Technopak’s ‘sustainability for business’ consulting services.


The beauty and wellness industry is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing in the world. The numerous segments and sub-segments, include cosmetics, personal care, wellness services, dietary supplements, and fitness products.

The beauty and wellness industry also confronts several obstacles and opportunities. These include shifting consumer preferences, health, and wellness trends, product safety and quality standards, regulatory compliance, technological innovation, competition, etc.

Consulting firms can assist businesses in the beauty and wellness industries in achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is done by providing expertise, insights, and solutions tailored to their unique needs and goals.

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Depending on their roles and responsibilities, management consulting firms search for various qualifications in potential employees. However, the following are typical prerequisites for joining a management consulting firm:

1) Education: Management consulting firms typically require employees to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study. Fields of study can be broad and firm specific. But generally they can be clubbed under these categories:

· Business administration,

· economics,

· engineering,

· mathematics,

· statistics, etc.

Some management consulting firms favor candidates with a master’s degree. Others may require even higher credentials in a specialized field, such as an MBA, MSc, Ph.D., etc.

2) Skills: Management consulting firms typically require their employees to possess a variety of essential skills for their work, including:

· Analytical skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, creativity skills, etc.

· Some management consulting firms also prefer that their employees possess relevant skills for their domain or expertise. These can be classified under technical skills, financial skills, sector-specific knowledge, etc.

3) Work Experience: Before joining a management consulting firm, prospective employees must be experienced in their field of work or interest.

This can be acquired through internships, initiatives, research, volunteer work, or prior employment in related industries or sectors.

 Senior executives, industry specialists, etc., in some management consulting firms are preferred to have extensive experience in their area of expertise. 

Management consulting is a rewarding and challenging career option for those passionate about solving business problems, improving performance, and achieving goals. 

Entry level salary range, global management consulting
Figure: Statista

The entry salary for consultants with an MBA/Ph.D. at leading management consulting firms ranged from $125,000 to $145,000 in 2021-2022. This estimate was given by Statista.

Entry level salary range, Indian management consulting
Figure: Statista

In India, the average salary for management consultants (with an MBA) is around INR 7-10 lakhs per annum. This is as reported by research.


1) Those interested in resolving business issues, enhancing performance, and attaining objectives can pursue lucrative and satisfying management consulting jobs. (Check out Technopak’s career section for vacancies)

2) Depending on their client’s requirements and objectives, management consulting firms provide services to clients in various industries and sectors.

3) Management consulting firms operate in numerous areas or domains corresponding to different business functions or industries. The qualifications that management consulting firms seek in prospective employees differ as per businesses’ needs. They may vary in levels and degrees in education, skills, and experience.

If you are searching for a management consulting firm to assist you with your business challenges, and opportunities, Technopak can help you achieve your goals.

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